Basic Settings

Create desktop shortcut.
Show file "readme.txt".
The default installation path "C:\Program Files\DiRT 4" , Click here "Browse" to install the game in a different folder or continue in the default path. After manually select the folder the installer will go to the next Step automatically.
Please be patient. This process may take up some time, and is depending on the equipment and Internet connection. Keep this window. The downloaded files will be saved to the TEMP and will automatically deleted after installation.
Downloading files from the server..
Activation key is needed to complete the installation.
For security reasons, enter the activation key, to prevent the use of the installation suspect party applications third. To do this, fill out one of the free survey, which takes about minute. After you have filled one survey will receive his unique key activation. After you enter the correct key, the button "Unlock" lights � is green - click on it to complete the installation process.
Download Key Activation
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